Inchcape PLC UK strategic review – no action needed

You may have seen Inchcape PLC recently announced the decision to sell its UK retail operations to Group 1 Automotive UK Limited following a review of options for its UK retail business.

As many IMPS members were employed by an Inchcape UK retail business, you may wonder if this news will have any effect on the Scheme or the security of your IMPS benefits. We’ve had regular discussions with Inchcape over recent weeks and months about the UK strategic review – they’ve kept us informed of progress and there have been no surprises.

We’d like to assure you we, as Trustee of the Scheme, are here to act in your interests and manage the Scheme to ensure you receive the benefits due to you. Key points to note (some have been highlighted in previous communications) are:

  • IMPS is well funded – as Trustees we’re comfortable there’s enough money in the Scheme to pay members’ benefits, based on advice we receive regularly from the Scheme’s Actuary.
  • Your benefits are secure – the Scheme is held separately from Inchcape and will not be affected by the proposed sale of Inchcape’s UK retail operations. Member benefits are paid from the Scheme’s own fund of money, built up from contributions paid into the Scheme and invested by the Trustee.
  • The Inchcape Group remains in support – Inchcape is committed to fund the Scheme so members receive the benefits they’ve been promised.
  • The Scheme’s journey remains unchanged – we have an agreed long-term strategy for the Scheme and are continuing to take steps to further enhance the security of your benefits (including looking at investment options) and help you understand them better.