Pensioner members

If you have questions about your pension payments from the Scheme or need to notify us about a change in your personal details, contact the Scheme administrator.

Pension increases

Some elements of pensions in payment automatically increase each year, other elements do not increase. It is quite complicated and depends on which section of the Scheme you are in, your period of service and whether you chose a pension increase exchange (where this choice was available to you). Some increases are fixed while others are linked to inflation (currently the Consumer Prices Index (CPI)) but subject to a cap on the maximum increase that can be applied.

If you have a question about increases to your pension in payment, contact the Scheme administrator.

Death benefits

Combined & group sections

Lump sum cash payment to your spouse or civil partner if you die within 5 years of retirement


a pension for your spouse or civil partner (this is calculated as a proportion of your pension and will depend which section of the Scheme you’re in)

Cash balance/legacy cash+ sections

The benefits payable will depend on the choices you made at retirement.

How do i…?

Report the death of
a scheme member?

How do I report the death of a scheme member?

  1. Be prepared – what we’ll need to know

We’ll need you to tell us:

  • the member’s National Insurance Number or Scheme membership number
  • the date they died
  • your relationship to them & your own contact details
  • whether the member has a surviving spouse or civil partner and/or dependent children
  1. Get in touch
  1. What we’ll do

The Scheme administrator will respond promptly and request any certificates or other documents we need (and will return the originals to you).

They’ll then contact us (the Scheme Trustee) to get a decision on any discretionary benefits that may be due, such as a lump sum payment. If anything is payable, the Scheme administrator will get in touch with the member’s dependants.

If the member was receiving a pension from the Scheme, their payments will be suspended but we’ll set up any dependant pensions that are payable and advise of adjustment we need to make for any overpayment.

Get a copy of
my pension payslip?

How do I get a copy of my pension payslip?

To get a copy of your pension payslip, contact the Scheme administrator. You can find their contact details on the Contact us page.

Check my details?

How do I check my details?

In November 2023, we’ll be writing to all members to ask you to check the details we have on record for you.

At other times, you can check your details by contacting the Scheme administrator or visiting the member portal.